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Seeing how Jason has been able to expand his podcast over time has been inspiring. From the dance interviews he started with, he's moved into topics like entrepreneurship and technology that I never associated with dance. It's fascinating to hear how Jason connects all these topics but he always makes it easy for the listener to see the connection. Highly recommended!


A different type of podcast. I loved Edel’s episode and every other episode brings a new perspective to self growth and mindset. I give it 5 star since 10 is not an option ♥️

Insightful content

The podcast brings in a variety of insights to what the dance industry is like, and it goes deep into the possible core. Some of us may not be fully aware to the fact that dance is more than just being on the stage or some mad artists creating choreographies. And this podcast is here to feed your curiosity. Jason also pens down his own experience into the podcast, be it the psychology side of him, or his life with HKAPA, or him as a dancer, content creator; covering the dance industry from as many angles as possible. This I find absolutely helpful to anyone who is interested in dance. It is also very relatable because the guests appearing on the show are from different sides of the world, so you get various gazes into this beautiful art form.

Amazing podcast for dancers/dance enthusiasts

The Background Dancer is such a great and inspiring podcast revealing the challenges faced in the dance world. As these challenges in the performing arts are not normally openly discussed, it has been so useful for me as a early career dance artist to soak up these practical tips and advice from both Jason and his guest speakers. I strongly recommend this podcast to anybody! Whether you are a professional who can resonate with these, pre-professional who is looking into your next step, dance enthusiast or non-dancer who is just interested in knowing more about the dance world! Thank you so much once again for creating this platform! I look forward to more exciting podcasts in the future!

I love your podcast so much Jason, it's amazing. It's very interesting and entertaining. I think it's very useful for dancers and everyone else who is working in art industry. And also for those who are in the background of course. It's also useful for me because I am a dancer. Thank you for making this podcast. I learned a lot from the podcast and found out a lot of information about art industry that I didn't know before. I like that you have awesome guests and you are discussing different interesting topics together. There's nothing that I don't like about your podcast. I would definitely recommend it to my friends who are also dancers. Please continue in doing this. You are so good at making podcasts. Good job Jason. 😊

Pedagogic and Perception World

I really like how Jason covers the whole package of what it means to be a part in the Performing Arts. It allows people to approach the Art in a wider concept rather than just one side. This podcast does not only talk about being the Artist, but also understanding the Artists’ commitments and passion in what they do. The educational, soothing, and open-minded proposition enables the listeners to dive easily into Jason’s orb. If you are a new Arts Practitioner or have an interest with the Performing Arts, I highly recommend this well rounded podcast!!!

The Background Dancer integrates the different aspects of this extensive performing arts form in a way that is so inclusive, informative, and inspiring! I've loved listening to the journey so far and I'm really looking forward to the next seasons!

I like how professionally the podcasts are. It is nice to see that young generation understands that dancers need knowledge. It is the step forward to connect art not only to the artists, but to whole society. Jason is doing his job with incredible passion!!

Brilliant podcast, topics and host of course! I would highly recommend it to all who are passionate about art.

Relevant, thoughtful, diverse topics and well curated podcast.

I am very impressed by the way Jason curates the podcast. He posits dance in context to give audience a bigger picture of how performing arts relates with the real world. Despite this web of relationships is such a vast and complicated one, I am able to follow along under Jason's well organized topics and his clear articulation of thoughts. Highly recommended!

1.我最喜歡這個podcast最主要的原因是它以舞蹈為主題。而且所討論的方向都比較偏向於幕後,類似Dance Magazine、舞蹈的成立還有馬來西亞的舞蹈發現......一般民眾比較少機會去了解的部分。 2.這個頻道的頭像/logo可能可以設計得活潑一些/可以吸引聽眾的目光。或是以一些有趣的主題、並且能讓聽眾的容易理解,產生共鳴。例如:大眾對舞蹈的刻板印象/大眾覺得舞蹈系都在幹嘛/以舞蹈為職業......等等 3.我會想要把這個podcast推薦給馬來西亞學舞蹈的人......無論是否想要往專業的方向發展。因為我覺得馬來西亞的資訊傳達不夠迅速,很多舞蹈領域上的人事物都無法傳達及分佈到其他州,僅限與某個城市。 所以我覺得這個podcast是可以讓你在舞蹈領域上增加很多知識的一個頻道

I’m absolutely loving it - it’s very insightful, raw and just honest. I love that you have guests on too to talk about their experiences and for them to provide some words of wisdom! I would definitely recommend to friends - particularly those who have graduated from dance/performing arts/drama amidst a pandemic! Keep up the great work🙌🏽💙✨

The Background Dancer is what I have been searching for…

What I enjoy most about The Background Dancer Podcast is that it is incredibly unique. I have yet to find any podcast that fully encompasses the world of performance art—and more exclusively, dance! Jason also has a bona fide talent for podcasting. His voice is clear, distinct, and intuitive. The Background Dancer brings the topic and discussion of dance into the foreground!

New, insightful, thought provoking

It was an absolute honor to be on “The Background Dancer”. I love how unique the content is and how it goes beyond just a typical conversation about dance. I felt like I was able to discuss new topics I hadn’t even thought of before, instead of revisiting the questions I’m usually asked about my own dance life. Jason was incredibly easy to talk to and was so thoughtful and intentional in his words. ”The Background Dancer” puts dance into context of the reality of the world we live in, instead of keeping it in this dance world bubble. Helping dancers and others find a connection between the two. If you’re looking for a new perspective on a conversation about dance, and all the aspects of the dance world that are usually disregarded, then I highly recommend giving “The Background Dancer” a listen.

The Background dancer podcast is my first and only (as of now) dance related podcast I've listened to. I like how it tackles the other side of Performing Arts which is more of technical and stage managing. The area that we often forget to put emphasis on. As a student performer, it's a learning ground for me. Learning how to cultivate and share the knowledge of dance and finding the purpose of ourselves in the artform. Also hearing the journey of the host in the background dancer really gives me hope to continue. We, performers also had our phase where we ask ourselves if dance is the journey that we need and want at the same time and as I listened, I remembered where I started. You know it's really a big thing: looking back and seeing how you started dancing.  A really simple memory yet meaningful. I really don't have something to dislike on the podcast. but I do suggest to keep on inviting guests and also have an episode where it's only the host speaking. Arrange it in a manner the audience will not get tired of listening like: a solo episode followed by 2 episode with a guest. I will recommend it to student artist who are feeling burnout at the moment. This podcast really gives me a redirection as to how I see dance as a whole. Listening to podcast in general is a very good habit for growth💓

I like the variety of dance-related topics and guests that you’re featuring on the show, as well as that conversational and casual interview style. This is really great for anyone who shows an interest in dance careers and the various paths they can branch out into.

Great show, your voice, topic and flow of the show is great!👏

Interesting interviews that flow easily, almost organically, and bring an interesting and refreshing analysis to the gigantic world of dance.

Have you listened yet???

Jason conducts very interesting interviews and shares his mission with such passion with his audience! Well done!

More please

I love the content and him making dance a more knowledgable art form in Slovakia!

Trurly devoted, passionate, intelligent human being taking holistic approach about dance

Amazing! Thank you so much for the knowledge that you provide!