July 18, 2021

Technology: Augmented Reality | Gilles Jobin

Technology: Augmented Reality | Gilles Jobin
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Wish to dance differently? Within an augmented reality, the limits are endless both with technology and dance! Gilles Jobin is the founder and Artistic Director of Cie Gilles Jobin, a Geneva based dance company specializing in VR and technological integration. 

Continuing in the month of Dance Technology, this episode introduces the importance and potential of technology not just to dance, but life as we know it. Ready for a change? Come and join us in this augmented reality! 

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Gilles JobinProfile Photo

Gilles Jobin

Artistic Director, Choreographer

In 2017 Gilles Jobin creates VR_I a groundbreaking dance piece in immersive virtual reality. For the first time a choreographer combines dance with immersive virtual reality in a work that provides viewers with a unique sensory experience. Winning FNC Explore Innovation award and People’s choice award at Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in Montreal, VR_I has been selected at Sundance Film Festival 2018 / New Frontier in Park City USA and in the "best off" section of the 2019 Venice Film Festival. VR_I has toured in more than 20 countries in 40 cities around the world. Fascinated with new imaging technologies, he produced the 3D film WOMB in 2016, awarded Best Art/Experimental Film at San Francisco Dance Film Festival in 2017, followed by the VR_I (immersive VR 2017), Magic Window (location based AR), Dance Trail (AR). In 2020 his creation for the stage Real Time (2020) with live time motion capture is canceled due to Covid-19. In 2020 Gilles Jobin and his team create the AR app Dance Trail at Sundance Film Festival 2020. In 2020 they release the COMEDIE VIRTUELLE (Imersive VR) the digitalization of a the real theater of la comédie under construction in Geneva. La Comedie Virtuelle -live show is selected at the 77th Venice Film Festival Bienal, a live performance in real time with 1 dancer in Bangalore, 1 dancer in Melbourne and 3 dancers in Geneva dancing together in the same virtual space. Cosmogony is the latest production, a video installation with 3 dancers in real time performed from our Geneva studio at SIFA Singapore, 10'000km away .

Recognized for his ground breaking work in choreography, Gilles Jobin began producing dance pieces in 1995 which earned him the acclaim of both the critics and the public. He soon established himself as a leading independent choreographer in Europe. To this day, Gilles Jobin has produced over 20 works, some of which, including A+B=X (1997) and The Moebius Strip (2001), are considered benchmarks on the world stage. In 2003, he produced TWO-THOUSAND-AND-THREE for the Geneva Ballet, a work that ‘transcends the classical and the contemporary’ (Libération, 2003). In 2012, he became resident choreographer at CERN, Geneva, where he produced QUANTUM (2013), a work that travelled widely throughout the world. Ambassador for art and science, he regularly features as a guest lecturer in Switzerland and abroad. In 2015, Gilles Jobin received the Swiss Grand Award for Dance, awarded by the Federal Office of Culture.