Jan. 15, 2023

Special: Dance & Failures | Why Dance? by J-Cast

Special: Dance & Failures | Why Dance? by J-Cast

Welcome to a whole new wave of specials, featuring a roundtable version of the show alongside two new co-hosts in Jacob Caldwell and Joshua Sailo. Throughout this 10 episode series, we present extracts from our Clubhouse sessions on the Why Dance? by J-Cast clubroom. 

In our final entry of this special series, we go back to basics. As conventional wisdom goes: Failure is the first step to success, the cliché prevails. The question is, is it that much of a cliché at all? Sometimes, one needs to take a step backward, to then make two steps forward. What were some of your most momentous failures in dance? Here, we discussed how massive failures in our dance journeys proved pivotal in shaping the artists we are today. Join us as we foreground dance in the background!

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