Aug. 8, 2021

Bonus: Curious Case of Careers | Jonathan Collaton

Bonus: Curious Case of Careers | Jonathan Collaton

Jason and Jonathan connected over the podcast matchmaking app, Audry and subsequently swapped guest spots on each others platforms.

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Are you happy with your career? A certain Chris Rock once joked: "there are people who have jobs, and there are those who have careers." We spend so much time in the workplace and often neglect the all important question - Is this the right profession for me? Jonathan Collaton is a student affairs coordinator at the University of Toronto Scarborough, and creator of theCareer Crossroads Podcast, a platform investigating career transitions and lifelong professional development.

Kickstarting the month of Bonus Content, this episode explores the understanding of careers as the bedrock of human society, Jonathan's path to his current position and what it means to run the podcast.

"In order to find yourself, you have to lose yourself." -David Brooks.

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Jonathan CollatonProfile Photo

Jonathan Collaton

Student Affairs Coordinator

I've always been the kind of person who liked to ask 'why?" Questions about my own career path have led to a passion for understanding the route people take in their careers. With my podcast, Career Crossroads, I dig into the reasons behind career pivots and look to help others figure out their own path and realize that we are not all destined to stick to one career path for the rest of our lives. I'm interested in connecting with anyone who identifies with this passion and can help further this cause.

Additionally, I've spent over 8 years in the Student Affairs industry working with students to develop their soft-skills outside of the classroom. Seeing them build their skillset over time has been a great joy in my career.