June 20, 2021

Business: The Dancepreneur | Erin Pride

Business: The Dancepreneur | Erin Pride
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Do dance and business ever go hand in hand? How could dance artists maximize financial opportunity by gaining financial literacy? Erin Pride is an educator, performer and founder of The DancePreneur Academy, an online business coaching programme dedicated to helping dancers thrive as self-made entrepreneurs. 

Kicking off the month of Dance Entrepreneurship, this episode introduces the do's and don'ts of owning an online dance business, and how to fulfill one's purpose as a dance entrepreneur. "It's time to say no to starving artists,  but more thriving artists!"

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Erin PrideProfile Photo

Erin Pride

Online Coach, Podcaster

Erin helps online dance business owners move with intention, feel empowered and have the confidence to make decisions in their business. She is the host of the Dance Boss Podcast and founder of DancePreneur Academy. Erin is a Jersey girl all the way, graduated from Montclair State University with a B.F.A. in Dance and received her Masters in Dance Education from New York University. Erin is on a mission to help dance professionals build wealth financially, spiritually and emotionally.