Sept. 27, 2021

Who do I D.A.N.C.E. for?

Who do I D.A.N.C.E. for?

As part of the performing arts industry, I couldn’t agree more with the five qualities that Jason had laid out, that everyone shouldD.A.N.C.Eif we want to be active contributors of this industry. Apart from these acronyms, there was another word that came to mind as I pondered about the different qualities that creators alike should embrace.


Virtuosity is a word highly venerated within the performing arts, often relating to the great technical skills a performer displays on stage. But I wonder, what about offstage virtuosity? Or even further, what is virtuosity beyond technical competence? Simon Dove, an independent curator and dance educator, pointed out that:


“Virtuosity now is the artist’s ability to courageously and imaginatively respond to the multiple demands of intention, context, and engagement.”


It’s crucial for all creative members regardless of discipline, to be attuned to the contemporary world, project clear intentions and build engagement so that the work is always contextually relevant. All these require a broader skillset and an open mind to respond to different circumstances via multiple forms of media, all to eventually create an inclusive yet thoughtful community. Virtuosity is not only about performing, but the ability to relate, connect and communicate nuances in an increasingly diverse and globalized world.  

So, WHO is this podcast for? One of the biggest hopes is to connect members from different art disciplines and engage in cross-sector conversation!Let’s talk about D.A.N.C.E, the five qualities that do not solely exist within dancers, but in individuals who drive themselves with curiosity to explore the world and make significant changes.


Dedicated Doers (3:50)

Being accountable for your work by simply taking action, and investing time and effort with dedication. 

Aspirational Agents (6:01)

Recognizing your own agency to create new space for possibilities to emerge.

Nuanced Nerds (10:40)

Being extremely passionate like a nerd, paying attention to the subtlest of details possible. 

Context and Consistency (13:16)

Finding relevance and identifying relationships within the huge web of information. Instill important values whilst maintaining a level of resilience and openness amidst uncertainty.

Educational Entertainers (18:27)

Be an ambassador of your art. Find a myriad of methods to educate, share and relate to a wider audience. Make it fun and captivating!

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