July 4, 2021

Business: Branding Ballet | Heidi Lee

Business: Branding Ballet | Heidi Lee
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How do you brand a ballet? Every Artistic Director needs a business brain as support in marketing a company forward. Heidi Lee is the incumbent Executive Director of the Hong Kong Ballet, one of the three flagship dance companies in the city and among the leading ballet institutions in Asia.  

Concluding the month of Dance Entrepreneurship, this episode introduces the job scope of an Executive Director, as well as key branding and leadership strategies to energize a dance company's commercial image within the community. 

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Heidi LeeProfile Photo

Heidi Lee

Executive Director

Experienced arts leader with a demonstrated history of working in the arts industry and cultural organizations.

Skilled in Arts & Culture Organisations, Arts Development, Event Management, Programming, General Management, Marketing Strategy, and Teaching. Strong arts management and education professional with a Master of Arts (M.A.) focused in Cultural Management from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.