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Business is the key to building brands and solutions for our community, but it starts from somewhere. Here, we discuss Finance & Economy, Social Enterprise, Philanthropy, Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Monetization values.
July 4, 2021

Business: Branding Ballet | Heidi Lee

How do you brand a ballet? Every Artistic Director needs a business brain as support in marketing a company forward. Heidi Lee is the incumbent Executive Director of the Hong Kong Ballet, one of the three flagship dance compa...

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June 27, 2021

Business: Pointe To Rise | Susanne Puerschel

What do ballerinas and entrepreneurs have in common? Yes, there is always failure before success, a fall before the RISE. Susanne Puerschel was a former member of the Berlin State Opera and founder of Pointe To Rise , an empo...

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June 20, 2021

Business: The Dancepreneur | Erin Pride

Do dance and business ever go hand in hand? How could dance artists maximize financial opportunity by gaining financial literacy? Erin Pride is an educator, performer and founder of The DancePreneur Academy , an online busine...

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