June 27, 2021

Business: Pointe To Rise | Susanne Puerschel

Business: Pointe To Rise | Susanne Puerschel
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What do ballerinas and entrepreneurs have in common? Yes, there is always failure before success, a fall before the RISE. Susanne Puerschel was a former member of the Berlin State Opera and founder of Pointe To Rise, an empowerment society and online business platform for ballerinas and dancers alike. 

Continuing in the month of Dance Entrepreneurship, this episode delves deep into the psyche of life as a former ballerina and how to gain empowerment for a future in entrepreneurship. Ready to run your own online dance business? Come, let's put on our shoes and pointe to rise!

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Susanne PuerschelProfile Photo

Susanne Puerschel

Online Coach, Podcaster

Susanne, Founder of Pointe To Rise, an Empowerment society for dancers and other artists, Wellness Entrepreneur, podcast host, former international ballerina and experienced principal chief executive officer had the privilege to grow up behind the iron curtain in Berlin, Germany.

She's dedicating her time now, after working in corporate America and running her own businesses, to building community among dancers and artists, providing mindset and high performance coaching and building a media company that will be the springboard to revitalizing the arts.