Megan Schneider

Dancer, Educator

Meg is a multi-disciplinary artist from the Bay Area who focuses on somatics and movement therapy. They graduated with a degree in cognitive developmental psychology and somatic dance at UCSC and are looking to become a movement therapist. Their work researches the realm of relationships people can make emotionally and/or physically within time and space. What do we connect with and how? Through the investigation of embodied memory as well as sensory processing, they utilize experiential movement to develop and restore these connections. Meg seeks to help expand and broaden the accessibility of movement spaces by practicing honoring the lived experience.

Aug. 22, 2021

Bonus: Sol Fest 2021 Special | Jacob, Elsea & Megan

What is the hardest question to ask in dance or as a dancer? Regardless of one being a dancer, or wanting to become a dancer, the…

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