Aug. 22, 2021

Bonus: Sol Fest 2021 Special | Jacob, Elsea & Megan

Jason connected with the three guests as part of his participation at the Solfest Virtual Arts Festival 2021.

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What is the hardest question to ask in dance or as a dancer? Regardless of one being a dancer, or wanting to become a dancer, there are questions that are always incredibly difficult to communicate such as salary, goals, aesthetics etc. Join All House Dance Collective director Jacob Caldwell and artists Elsea Mayes Brown as well as Megan Schneider to talk all things dance. 

Concluding the month of Bonus Content, this episode explores some of the most difficult questions within the industry through the first roundtable discussion involving guests of the Sol Fest 2021 virtual arts festival held in June. What is YOUR hardest question to ask? 

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Megan SchneiderProfile Photo

Megan Schneider

Dancer, Educator

Meg is a multi-disciplinary artist from the Bay Area who focuses on somatics and movement therapy. They graduated with a degree in cognitive developmental psychology and somatic dance at UCSC and are looking to become a movement therapist. Their work researches the realm of relationships people can make emotionally and/or physically within time and space. What do we connect with and how? Through the investigation of embodied memory as well as sensory processing, they utilize experiential movement to develop and restore these connections. Meg seeks to help expand and broaden the accessibility of movement spaces by practicing honoring the lived experience.

Jacob CaldwellProfile Photo

Jacob Caldwell

Artistic Director, Dancer

Jacob Caldwell is a Storyteller and Artistic Activist currently living in North Hollywood, CA. His roots grew in Corralitos and Oakhurst while his lens is being focused by experiences in Santa Cruz and Los Angeles. Acting & Dancing are at the forefront of Jacob’s work, but through these practices and other mediums, his ultimate goal is to work towards building a future where the Arts & Education can flourish and everyone has a seat at the table. As the Founder of All House Dance Collective, he hopes to provide and uplift the lives of everyone!

Elsea Mayes BrownProfile Photo

Elsea Mayes Brown


Elsea's passion for the arts started at a very young age. In her early years, community-based programs played a vital role in helping to build a solid artistic foundation. She began more formal dance training in high school and college. It was in college that she was introduced to traditional West African and African Diasporic dance styles. Since graduating from UNC Asheville in 2016, she has performed with a number of companies and taught a variety of styles, ages, and skill levels. She is passion-driven in both the development of her own craft as well as that of her students.”