Jacob Caldwell

Artistic Director, Dancer

Jacob Caldwell is a Storyteller and Artistic Activist currently living in North Hollywood, CA. His roots grew in Corralitos and Oakhurst while his lens is being focused by experiences in Santa Cruz and Los Angeles. Acting & Dancing are at the forefront of Jacob’s work, but through these practices and other mediums, his ultimate goal is to work towards building a future where the Arts & Education can flourish and everyone has a seat at the table. As the Founder of All House Dance Collective, he hopes to provide and uplift the lives of everyone!

Aug. 22, 2021

Bonus: Sol Fest 2021 Special | Jacob, Elsea & Megan

What is the hardest question to ask in dance or as a dancer? Regardless of one being a dancer, or wanting to become a dancer, the…

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