April 3, 2021

My Paper, My Stage | Melinda Gaskin

My Paper, My Stage | Melinda Gaskin

We write almost everyday, in every way. Like a dancer, being an editor also requires having a voice that can inspire across all levels of society. For those who many not find the stage all that appealing, the 'paper' is certainly an alternative means for self-expression. Melinda Gaskin is the Chief Editor of HK Dance Magazine, a young organization advocating for more journalistic voices in a crowded dance space.   

Kicking off the month of Art Media, this episode introduces the pathway to becoming a good writer and how to channel that sense of creativity to a wider audience. Grab your pen (or laptop) and let's find your paper, your stage!

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Melinda Gaskin

Chief Editor, Manager

A dance artist at heart and creative writer by soul. I owe my creative beginnings to my upbringing in Toronto. My love for words, creativity, movement and deciphering the puzzle of life has brought me here to my second home, Hong Kong.