May 31, 2021

Science: Somatic Sojourns | Vincent Yong

Science: Somatic Sojourns | Vincent Yong
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What was our first ever universal language? No, it did not require speech as there was only movementat the very beginning. Vincent Yong is Singapore's sole Certified Movement Analyst, Somatic Movement Therapist and founder ofDanspire International.

Concluding the month of Dance Wellness, this episode introduces the concepts and applications of movement studies and somatic practices. Movement is not just motion, it is a mindset. Listen in as we explore why the 'first wealth is health'! 

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Vincent YongProfile Photo

Vincent Yong

Movement Analyst, Somatic Therapist, Author

Vincent Yong is an award-winning movement artist, analyst, somatic therapist and author. He is currently South East Asia’s first and only Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist (RSME, RSMT) accredited by the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). Vincent is Singapore’s only Certified Movement Analyst who has presented at the Harvard University in the conference: MOVEMENT – Brain. Body. Cognition and International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS).

Vincent is now helping people lead greater lives through education and pain therapy. Creating spaces to improve one’s perception of the body, Vincent consistently witnessed his clients experience self-learning and healing. Vincent is devoted to enabling his clients to do things they thought were impossible. To date, Vincent has touched lives from over 25 countries. His work led him to support more than 30 sectors of professions in the work industry. Vincent’s education and work experience spans across Europe, United States and Singapore. For the past 20 years, he has been passionate in research, practice and education. Besides having performed on international stages, Vincent also presented on global platforms of science. He always feels privileged and humbled to share.

He strives forward to do more in the space of well-being with somatic movement education. Vincent’s dedication in movement education comes from his hole-in-the-heart condition. From three months old, doctors told his mother he cannot do things others do. Vincent was not disallowed to partake in physical activities in school. He often felt restricted, restrained and redundant. It was a lonely experience on top of what he had to deal with at home.

Things started to shift during one playful event in climbing the stairs. He realized that dancing up the stairs eased his challenge in breathing. He progressed to doing more sports and even became a professional dancer! All those years culminated to his somatic movement education. Under the training with Dr Martha Eddy, Ellen Goldman, John Chanik and other renowed teachers, Vincent learned about physiology, Laban Movement Analysis, dance applications for cancer patients and many more. His writing was later included to Dr Eddy’s Mindful Movement – The Evolution of the Somatic Art and Conscious Action. Vincent also authored his first book Flow – The Art of Creating AbunDance. He drew his content from his career of dance training, performance and education.

Vincent holds the Most Outstanding Student award, SIA Award of Excellence in the Arts and is a SHELL-NAC scholar. He has spoken for UNESCO-National Institute of Education Center for Arts Research and Education, Halogen’s National Youth Leaders’ Day and Human Library etc.