April 10, 2021

Media: The Movement Journalist Part 1 | Megan Castro

Jason coincidentally found Megan on Instagram and was immediately fascinated with her journey as a person and artist.

Remember when having a journal was actually cool? Instead of filling one up with words and whimsical doodles, how about movement instead? In the advent of the pandemic, Megan Castro set out to create her own version of a journal and has amassed over 29k followers on Instagram since beginning a little over a year ago.  

In the month of Art Media, this episode introduces the nature of one such project and some of the challenges involved temporally, physically and artistically. If you've always wanted to archive movement material, maybe it's high time you opened that movement journal! 

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Megan Castro


Megan Castro was raised in South Carolina, where she began her dance journey, studying various styles of dance. Her love and curiosity of dance grew, leading her to further her studies at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where she earned her BFA in contemporary dance. She continued her studies at the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s 10 month journey program in Ga’Aton, Israel.