March 6, 2021

Management: To ASK or not to ASK Part 1 | Joseph Gonzales

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The first of a two-part series exploring the tools and motivations behind starting a dance company. Prof. Joseph Victor Gonzales features as the first ever guest on the show and is an immensely experienced performer, choreographer and educator. Most notably, he is the founder/artistic director of ASK Dance Company, one of the very few full-time employing companies in Malaysia.

This episode also kickstarts the month of Art Management. So much of what and why we start something important is due to NECESSITY. Do we ask enough pertinent questions that need answering? Let's find out by 'Dancing the Malaysian! '

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Joseph Victor GonzalesProfile Photo

Joseph Victor Gonzales

Artistic Director, Professor

Apart from a versatile performer and a prolific choreographer, Professor Joseph Gonzales is also a recognized expert in the choreography and interpretation of traditional dances in Malaysia, prominent in the field of dance pedagogy with a vision to educate, inspire and nourish new generations of young dancers to pursuit their dreams. Since 2016, he became Head of Academic Studies and Postgraduate Programme Leader in Dance at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). He is currently teaching Dance Perspectives, Improvisation and supervising Thesis Project Seminar and Research Project.