Feb. 8, 2021

Why in the Background?

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As part of a double-episode launch, I now take you through the four major principles of why all this is so important to me, and hopefully also to you. This episode will expand on the tenets of: 

Community Building 

  • Enriching social capital by virtue of TRUST
  • Establish connectivity by maximizing technology and talent mobility 


  • Nurturing more adaptable leaders and impact drivers in the industry
  • Leadership as a cultivated trait rather than an inherent gift

Workforce Versatility

  • Need for moremulti-faceted artists in the everchanging industry
  • Developing transferable skills in preparation for post-performance career possibilities 

Career Progression

  • Lack of HR support hinders talent and career development throughout cultural organizations
  • Analyze and consider your career compatibility at all times 

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Soundtrack: Birds - Tyler Twombly

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