Feb. 12, 2023

Artunio Talks 2: Does Social Media Downgrade Creativity? | Timotej Vrab

Artunio Talks 2: Does Social Media Downgrade Creativity? | Timotej Vrab

Does social media actually downgrade your creativity? What are the obvious disadvantages of constantly churning out content for such platforms? A lot has changed  from their humble beginnings and who knows how much more is changing as we speak. Even photographers who once upon a time came flocking over to Instagram, are now finding themselves leaving along with their dreams. Still think this doesn't concern you? Think again.

Welcome to a brand new mini series covering our proposed launch of an up and coming digital space, suite of professional tools and dedicated ecosystem for the arts and culture - Artunio. Throughout the next four episodes, join me and Timotej Vrab as we look into the core issues of mainstream social media and how Artunio presents itself not only as an alternative, but a collective movement hoping to change the landscape once and for all.

It's time to take back your creativity, artistic freedom and control of career choices by changing the way your art is produced, shared and valued!

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Timothej VrabProfile Photo

Timothej Vrab

Videographer / Drummer / Entrepreneur

My name is Timotej Vráb. I come from Slovakia. I am enthusiastic about the arts, tech and startups. I´ve been active in the art space since my childhood. Starting with performances as an actor at primary school at the age of 8 and drummer in highschool at the age of 15.

I've studied acting at University of Performing arts in Bratislava for one year. After I quit my university journey, I´ve started working as a freelance video creator with most of the projects focused on concerts, performances and events.

After working in the art industry for a few years I realized that with my skills, I can have a positive impact on the whole art and culture community around the world. That is my current goal and full time occupation - founder of Artunio.