Sept. 4, 2022

Special: Dance & Protest | Why Dance? by J-Cast

Special: Dance & Protest | Why Dance? by J-Cast

Welcome to a whole new wave of specials, featuring a roundtable version of the show alongside two new co-hosts in Jacob Caldwell and Joshua Sailo. Throughout this 10 episode series, we present extracts from our Clubhouse sessions on the Why Dance? by J-Cast clubroom. 

In this debut entry, we discussed how different schemas, mindsets and social upbringings have influenced the way we approach dance, perceive the world and vice versa. Knowledge is vast and timeless, constantly everchanging and varies geographically, politically and temporally. Is this one way of knitting the world closer? And is that a powerful and often unconscious advantage that dancers hold? Join us as we foreground dance in the background!

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