Aug. 14, 2022

Special: Dancers' Adversities | J-Cast

Special: Dancers' Adversities | J-Cast
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What was the worst dance injury you've ever experienced? How did you eventually overcome it? As a dancer, injuries are almost a given. Some are little niggles, others are massive and potentially career-ending. Since everyone is bound to suffer at the fate of the injury bug at some point, shouldn't there be more support systems in place to prepare a dancer for such circumstances? In this very case, it's most definitely recovery over prevention as prevention is almost impossible. 

As part of another special entry leading up to the launch of Season 2 in 2023, EP.40 officially introduces the J-Cast, the three-men crew on the bi-weekly Clubhouse sessions. We are basically the roundtable version of the podcast, which makes this episode an apt choice for our special series. Furthermore, this was also recorded on the back of two members having suffered major injuries. How did they survive? Listen to find out!

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Joshua SailoProfile Photo

Joshua Sailo

Dancer / Choreographer / Educator / Illustrator

With no pressure to adhere to a specific form or aesthetic, Joshua transforms his experiences into artistic expressions through dance, music, photography, and visual art. His creative practice and research are autobiographical in nature, exploring themes of identity and power from counter-hegemonic perspectives. One of the Artist-in-Residence 2021 at D.R.I.F.T. in Dharamshala, he is currently exploring “folk” as a performance and function of togetherness and experiencing the collective memory. He is a co-founding member of the 206 Dance Collective, investing in the creation and curation of sustainable arts practices and experiences in India. Continuing to grow in range and versatility as a performer, Joshua is currently performing in the works of Preethi Athreya, Ainesh Madan, Surjit Nongmeikapam, and Neopost Foofwa. He also engages with the global dance community through teaching, and podcasting via 'Dancing Through Walls' and 'Why Dance?', and is the creative director and lead illustrator of Aspen Labs.

Jacob CaldwellProfile Photo

Jacob Caldwell

Artistic Director, Dancer

Jacob Caldwell is a Storyteller and Artistic Activist currently living in North Hollywood, CA. His roots grew in Corralitos and Oakhurst while his lens is being focused by experiences in Santa Cruz and Los Angeles. Acting & Dancing are at the forefront of Jacob’s work, but through these practices and other mediums, his ultimate goal is to work towards building a future where the Arts & Education can flourish and everyone has a seat at the table. As the Founder of All House Dance Collective, he hopes to provide and uplift the lives of everyone!