Sept. 26, 2021

Basking in the Background of the Dance Industry

Basking in the Background of the Dance Industry

Often times when meeting new people, we are asked the question: “What’s your background?”  For the sake of immediate introduction, people would tend to reply in a much diluted and streamlined fashion, sometimes even rendering the term background simply as one's current job, education major or vocation .

However, a background is and should be way more extensive than just  a profession. Our life experiences, skillsets, education, community, culture, network etc. have shaped us into who we are today. In other words, background offers a multi-dimensional, more dynamic array of ways of being, a vast information hub that supports us as a human beings living in a multivalent present.

When transplanting this idea into the performing arts - an industry where people naturally place more focus on what’s on stage rather than off stage -  the background is often underestimated. The initiation of The Background Dancer hence plays a vital role in supplanting the background into the foreground, shedding light on the all important inner workings of offstage performing arts sectors.

It’s important to recognize that the background indeed contains a myriad of dynamic possibilities and practical resources to assist one in becoming an active agent whose intention is to consistently contribute a voice and a hand to our industry. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into our reservoir of captivating journeys with host Jason Yap, discovering insights while activating the Background Dancer in you!


Throughout this episode, we get to learn about the host, Jason Yap and his journey that led him to establish The Background Dancer Podcast. 


What is The Background Dancer?  8:56

Consider this... 

How large is the creative industry? What and who are those in the background

The term background dancer is a twofold concept. It could literally mean dancers behind the main cast, or the background support of the performing arts industry.

In other words, the myriad and extensive network of offstage components that support the industry as a whole.

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Why establish The Background Dancer?14:28

This podcast aims to educate and raise awareness about offstage sectors in the performing arts industry.

What kind of contributor do you wish to be? Why not embrace your multiplicity, and be anactive contributorwho innovates and mobilizes the industry. In other words...

"Let’s foreground dance in the background!"

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Who is this podcast for?

It is for anyone who is interested in the dance or performing arts industry!If otherwise, even better! You can still D.A.N.C.E even if you are not a dancer.

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How does it work?21:28

The Background Dancer is a bi-weekly podcast, and will spend every month discussing a certain topic/category related to an offstage sector in the performing arts industry.Every month, Jason combines his solo episodes with special guests to offer expert insights only available here!

These offstage sectors include:  Art management, Entrepreneurship, Education, Technology, Politics, Wellness, Journalism, Fashion, Choreography and Cross-discipline Perspectives.

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